The DKMU is a loose collective of some of the most eccentric and knowledgeable spooky woo woos around today.
CMN is of the firm opinion that they represent one of the leading edges of occultism and some of the best that magick
has to offer. Our faceless Co Host fired up his keyboard and reached out to Alysyrose, a long time and founding member,
to shed light on the origins and the now of this thoroughly interesting group.

Q: Our lead reporter always likes to start interviews with this question but I’ll ask it anyway. Why
should you care about Chaos Magick? Or perhaps why should you care about the DKMU?

A: I think one should care about the techniques which these formations utilize, because with
some commitment and due diligence, they will change your relationship with yourself, other
beings, and reality in general. With any luck, you won’t see things the same way anymore. I
would also like to end with an excerpt from Liber LS Volume 3.
“Remember: you could perform just as well without joining any group or collective
whatsoever. We acknowledge this. Use yourself as your primary compass. The only person that
can determine who you are is you, and that’s it. Your own desires, goals, and developments are
yours to fulfill. Nobody else should be handed the keys to your own becoming. You don’t need
the DKMU, or Thelema, or the IOT, or anything. Get to know what’s going on in your own head,
call your own shots, dictate the path of your own evolutionary process, and then maybe think
about utilizing the energies of any prolific occult current. The entire thing starts and ends in your
own mind, and you are beholden to absolutely no one. Fuck Master X and Guru Y. And fuck
Khaos Magick, too, if it ever grows stale in your mouth. If, however, you feel naturally drawn to
this weird thing by means of some personal calling, the Walrus can offer some very particular
advantages to the aspiring practitioner. We have seen this happen, repeatedly. You choose your
own level of involvement.”

The Ground Work

Q: Right off the bat could you explain for the uninformed or uninitiated what the DKMU is?
Where and when it started?

A: The acronym stands for “Domus Kaotica Marauder Underground”, originally two separate
occult groups with very similar styles and materials (most DK members were also Marauders),
which merged into a single collective around 2008-2009. The Marauder Underground came first,
founded in 2003-2004 by Silenced and Arjil. The Domus Kaotica was founded in 2007 by Frater
Sheosyrath and myself. It is unclear who first started calling it the DKMU, but it stuck. The
DKMU is critical of outmoded, oppressive, and dehumanizing societal structures and utilizes
occult techniques to create changes in the lives of practitioners and by result in the world at

The Linking Sigil

The most well-known technique to come out of the Marauder Underground was the
Linking Sigil. The following is taken from a writing in progress.

“Let’s go back to the Linking Sigil. This emblem represents the foremost purpose and
practice of the DKMU. It is often seen marked alongside the Atomosphere (designed by Frater
Sheosyrath) on many of our banners. The Linking Sigil was designed by the magician Arjil, and
serves to make sympathetic connections between things, people, places, intentions, etc.
wherever it is marked. For this reason, it is usually tagged on locations of high weirdness,
haunted sites, and spiritual places. Conversely, it may also be tagged in order to make a certain
location weird, or haunted, or to awaken its energies. This is the general hypothesis as to how it
works, though it often entails some belief in the “Energy Model” of magick. Make note that
tagging the sigil takes on many forms, and a great deal of practitioners will mark it upon a small
stone and throw it into the area in question.
Each and every placement of the Linking Sigil (and there are thousands across the world
by now) make up what is colloquially referred to as “the Network” or “the Ellisian Web.” The
entity behind the Linking Sigil, Ellis, is regarded as the spider, administrator, and caretaker of
the web. By engaging with the Linking Sigil, and other DKMU materials, the occultist is said to
crack open a current of energy which may fuel their works. We call this the 156/663 Current.
The ultimate and overarching goal of the Linking Sigil and its self-proclaimed “Assault on
Reality” is simple: to drastically increase the levels of magick in the world. With more magick
available, there will be more awakened ones. With more awakened ones, this will in turn change
the world more towards an earthly Heaven than an earthly Hell. It is an inherently
compassionate goal, albeit an admittedly crazy one. Besides the LS, numerous other
techniques are also used.”

  • The Book of the Combined One, Introduction (Excerpt)

Q: Considering you were co-founder of half of the abbreviation what can you tell us about the
merging of the two groups? Was it simply growing together over time? Were there holdouts
against it on either side?

A: There are a few reasons as to why it occurred very quickly and without much argumentation
on either side. As was mentioned, most DK members were also Marauders, and most
Marauders were also DK members. We also all used the same forums, called DBL
(deathbylollipops.) DBL, and the IRC, were our main platforms at the time. We all exchanged
notes on the same materials. I suppose the only distinction is that Marauders primarily work with
the LS/Ellis, and although DK members would have primarily worked with Khaos/Source,
nobody really identifies as a DK member these days. The collective has existed as the DKMU
for longer than it had as either the MU or the DK and has gained a namesake as such.

Transmuting Belief

Q: What can you tell us of the DKMU coming out of Chaos Magick?

A: As you say, it sprung out from Chaos Magick. Joel Biroco’s KAOS/BABALON 156
Current was also a big inspiration, which contested the Chaos Current of the IOT. But, yes,
Chaos Magick was the soil for the seed. The discussions which would serve as the inspiration
for the Marauder Underground first occurred in the “Glitterbomb” thread in the Chaos Magic
section of (it was the place to be for discussing magick back then.) The DK
also began on these forums, in a thread which was highly critical of the Chaos Magic current.
We wanted to start something new that both utilized Chaos Magic, but also went beyond it.

Q: You said you were critical of Chaos Magick and were seeking to go beyond it. Can you
elaborate on that? Do you think the DKMU has gone beyond?

A: I’m not entirely sure if it was going beyond name-brand Chaos Magick or going back to
rediscover or highlight certain ancient and crucial things. I will say that I can’t name another
collective like this which uses a growing collection of self-created Egregores, said to be
expressions of the 156/663 Current. The DK portion of the DKMU was chiefly responsible for
why we tend to use the spelling “Khaos” (or Xaos at times) instead of “Chaos”, because we
wanted to get back to the ancient Greek spelling & concept of Khaos as a primordial womb from
which all conceivable (and inconceivable) things, and all the Gods & Goddesses, arose from.
This view of Khaos entailed concepts pertaining to some kind of archaic consciousness
field (ACF) or Cosmic Mind, and was less about Chaos Theory, quantum physics, and the
Butterfly Effect. Of course, we entertained all these ideas; we were unattached to any specific
belief system. We deemed that belief itself was not a very good thing, and shared the same
flawed theme as faith. Belief, we figured, must be transmuted into Knowing via our own
personally meaningful occult experiences. We thought it better to continually sail and surf the
fractal ocean-currents in between the many spheres of BS (Belief Systems.) We called this the
Post-Meta-Paradigm. I am unsure, however, how often this kind of paradigmal
non-attachment/non-disinterest (to use a Carroll term) is still practiced in the DKMU today.

Q: You say belief transmuted into knowing. Can you go into that process a bit more? Do you see
“belief as a tool” flawed on a practical level?

A: It works just fine for what it can do, but often just serves as filler for gaps in our knowledge.
Belief can be used as a temporary tool just as well as can disbelief, doubt, delusion, faith, and
psychosis. The trick is knowing not to become stuck in any one of them long-term, which I don’t
think does the occultist any good in the end. A kind of mental fortitude is required to avoid
pitfalls & psycho-hazards. One of the primary concepts in Chaos Magick is Gnosis, a state of
one-pointedness which bypasses the conscious mind and allows for instances of higher
awareness. Automatically there may arise a conflict within the practitioner. Sometimes one will
be shocked out of his/her respective beliefs, delusions, faith, or psychosis, by the resultant
Gnosis, and arrive upon very useful and clarifying data. I could have spent a month believing to
the best of my ability that Astral Unicorns exist (they might!), then smoked some hash, then
received some personal revelation about myself woven into the use of unicorn symbolism in the
Arthurian legends. Maybe that’s all I get, and discard the belief. One can imagine the uses.
Sometimes the result will be just as flawed as the means by which it is attained. It’s okay
to have beliefs, but belief is many-faced, and belief in something without evidence is generally
the same as having faith. In my opinion, the occultist should be ruthless in his/her attainment
and treatment of esoteric evidence. The only reliable thing that can transmute belief into
knowing, or into a known, or into knowledge, is repeated and valuable personal experience;
useful accurate data. You have no good reason to believe in the phenomenon of Out of Body
Experience until you’ve had one. This happened to me all throughout my 20’s, then faded away.
I have very good reason to say that I know the Out of Body Experience is a real thing that I can
undergo via practicing certain OOBE induction techniques. Granted, said techniques probably
won’t work for everybody. Whether or not the experience is truly occurring “out of body” and in
some other dimension is another question which I have not yet substantiated for myself.

Astral Unicorns that may or may not exist, the jury is out

Who are the DKMU? Really?

Q: What do you feel are the defining characteristics of the DKMU? Does the loose collective
reach anything close to a unifying methodology/aesthetic/goal and has this changed over time?

A: The Walrus (another name for the group) can be defined by its self-created techniques, and
general self-styled attitude towards occultism and magick. The Linking Sigil is a defining
technique, which we have briefly covered. The DKMU Egregores/Godforms are also rather
idiosyncratic of the collective, having been created or discovered by various practitioners over
many years. There is no unifying methodology, though I suppose there is a kind of aesthetic. On
my part, I tend to utilize a certain style in the production of “Wild Mage Media” releases. I like
counterposing glitch art alongside classical or archaic themes and textures. The only shared
goal of the DKMU (although not shared in the same sense by everyone) would be the toppling
of the consensual reality, otherwise called the Monolith, or Insubstantia. All of these titles denote
a chained down, sheepish, Stepford, frightened, and mundane mode of living. DKMU members
will seek to break these structures to live a more fulfilling, authentic, and spiritually connected
life, whatever that ends up meaning to you. This alone is an act of rebellion.

Q: Considering the DKMU was one of the first occult splinters to not just form on the net but
openly embrace the internet, how do you think that affected the way the group formed and
evolved over time?

A: You’ll find that the most prominent Chaos Magick groups to manifest were the IOT
(Illuminates of Thanateros) and Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth, which had similar ideas.
Biroco’s KAOS Current, Discordianism, and the Church of the Subgenius can also be
mentioned, as can the Z(Cluster) (long disbanded.) I’m not talking about mere discussion
groups, but Currents with their own viewpoints and techniques. Smaller sparks can be seen
here & there, but many eventually fizzle out.
The DKMU is still relatively underground, but is one of the only lasting Chaos (or
Khaos/Xaos) Magick groups to manifest in the modern age of information. The DKMU wouldn’t
have existed if it was the early 80’s and you had to rely on gathering practitioners from your own
place out in the boonies. Maybe you could start a mailing club. In any case, the DKMU is also
known for holding IRL meet-ups, primarily occurring these days via the East Coast USA Branch
House, and others. It’s far too easy to play the role of an accomplished Magus online. We hold
physical meets to get to know who we all really are. We will also perform group rituals when and
where applicable.
There was a heyday for DKMU meets after the opening of the First New Jersey
Way-House (2009-2011.) These days, we do them when we can. The East Coast USA Branch
tries to have one meet for every season but winter. We are still looking for a new permanent
Way-House. Most of the action and conspiring, however, occurs online. The DKMU was born
out of the internet. It conducts itself by a kind of directional chaos, like a flock of birds. No one
singular bird is the leader of the flock, and project ideas arrive rather sporadically. We often liken
it to a Pirate Port, where explorers can go to exchange ideas or collaborate on art.

Pictured, the wrong DKMU (graphics department is on thin ice)

Q: Has active recruitment played a part in the DKMU or do you feel certain people just hear the

A: The biggest operation in the DKMU, secondary only to “the Assault on Reality”, has been
called “Operation: Virus.” We would leave sealed letters around, or plastic Easter eggs filled with
glitter, that had messages in them like, “MAGICK IS REAL” above a Linking Sigil. We also took
out ad-space in newspapers upon which certain occult messages were printed. We burned CD’s
with “PLAY ME” written on them, featuring content from Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna,
Robert Anton Wilson, Hakim Bey, Sean Kennedy, etc. and left them in payphones and
bathrooms in malls and major people attractions. We left self-created bookmarks in books in the
occult section of bookstores with DKMU.ORG at the bottom. We gave out our printed books to
ghost hunter crews and preternatural investigators. We stapled provocative DKMU fliers to
telephone poles. We left printed pamphlets on car windshields in vast corporate parking lots.
Despite all this, the most members have come from word-of-mouth association, from across the
larger occult community. Most people, I would say, just hear the call.

The Godforms

Q: One of the most notable facets of the DKMU is the Godform cycle. What can you tell us
about this? How did it form and how does it relate to the overall purpose of the DKMU?

A: The First Wheel Godform Cycle is said to denote the encountering of various forms of
nonphysical presences or archetypes which will fan the inner fires of an alchemical becoming.
This was never our original intention. The DKMU Godforms (or Egregores) were created and/or
discovered rather haphazardly and sometimes accidentally over the expanse of several years.
They are also all very different from each other. It is recommended that the contacting ritual not
be too stuffy, as they behave more like the Voudon Lwa than anything else. You can hang out
and party with these entities. Some of them may become life-long allies. A Second Godform
Wheel is currently under development, but it requires in-the-field testing.

Q: This Second Godform Wheel in the works. Is this a more conscious and active creative
process for those involved? Can you give us any insight into the process?

A: The classical 10 DKMU Godforms/Egregores of the First Wheel arose in a slightly different
fashion than did those of the Second Wheel. We weren’t actively looking for Godforms that
would fill a pantheon when these things started sprouting up throughout the many mad
conversations of the #Domus IRC chat room. The infamous #Domus has been recreated on
Discord since. The process of illuminating Godforms/Egregores (whether they be internal,
external, or both) is to attempt to summon them into your space, or within you on a
psychic/spiritual level, and learn from them, flesh out details, empower or ask questions, make
deals, etc. I guess it’s just a matter of seeing, for yourself, via countless experiences like long
feelers into alternate dimensions, if anything worthwhile is there or not. Make note that not all
DKMU practitioners view entities in the same way, and just as many will go with the
Psychological Model as a means of explaining such phenomenon.

Q: Does this represent a new stage in the DKMU?

A: I would say so. It’s worth noting however that there were people involved in the DKMU
Council sessions in 2009, and 2014, and 2016, who I thought would always be around. There
were occultists whom I highly respected who had their time with the DKMU Current, but have
since moved onto other things. This just speaks to the fluctuating nature of such a thing. In this
sense, it is much less a clearly defined “Order” and much more a primarily digital (dotted with
physical meets here & there) loose zone for investigating the fringe by occult methodology.
For some, it’s Home Base, but for others, it may only be a weird little detour, and that’s
fine too. If the information you end up receiving from it is useful in any fashion, then all the
better. The entire DKMU message can be found in the TEXTS section of DKMU.ORG (the most
recent texts are Liber LS and the DKMU Egregores), and through the videos on YouTube. This
message continues to grow, adapt, and evolve, while maintaining certain principles.

Q: Do you personally have an affinity for any specific Godform in the first wheel? Can you tell us
about it?

A: Besides Ellis, I work with Zalty a lot. Myself and a close friend call him the Patron Saint of
“everything fucking up but turning out alright in the end.” Zalty doesn’t do the fucking up part,
mind you, but he’s known as the Navigator, and can certainly get you out of a pinch. I employed
him to avoid arrest on one occasion, which is something I can say that the other entities didn’t
do yet. Out of all the First Wheel Godforms, I think he’s the most jovial and “Chaotic Good.”
Think of a multifaceted pirate Jesus with Ganesha overtones. His aspects are Ole Zalty, Yung
Zalty, Eld Zalty, and Tropizalt. His four sacred objects are Non: his bottle, Nostrum: his sword,
the Cadanundrum: his pirate ship, and Chomby: his pipe. His number is 493.
All just as ridiculous as believing in Astral Unicorns, no doubt, but they haven’t helped
me out as much as Zalty has. Although I can’t prove that he’s an objective spirit by any physical
measuring device, I can say that Zalty exists at least as a memetic archetype in the human
Noosphere. And I can say that via certain occult procedures, such an archetype can be called
forth before oneself (evocation) or into oneself (invocation) or both (transvocation.) Whether it’s
all just a trick of the mind, or spiritual visitation (or both!), depends on the model(s) you use.
Whatever it is, ask yourself this: are the results I’m receiving useful to me or not? If yes, then
continue onwards. If not, then think about changing something.

The sigil of Zalty

The Practice of DKMU

Q: The Linking Sigil has proliferated both inside and outside of the DKMU. Can you think of any
other notable innovations from the collective that the average spooky woo woo might find

A: Give an honest go at working with the DKMU Godforms/Egregores, and keep a magickal
journal while doing so. Just approach the calling of an archetype into your space as a weird
scientific experiment. Perform the introductory ritual several times to get a feel for it. Practice
OMS (Open-Minded Skepticism.) Be skeptical and use sharp logic in your investigations, but be
open to new data which might conflict with your current paradigm. We’re doing all this for
magickal proficiency, right? If one desires to get to know the 156/663 Current, then working with
its various expressions is a good start. Approach the Mysteries as an honest Seeker. There are
also various advanced techniques for Marauders, such as setting up a Greater or Lesser
Ellisian generator in a town or city, or any conceivable location. Folks might also be interested in
the Hexorian Movement, which evolved out of the DKMU Latin America House. They use their
own series of entities and are heavily into the practices of urban shamanism.

Q: I know you can’t speak for the whole but do you see the work of the DKMU as
compartmentalized from the rest of your occult practices?

A: I can only speak for myself here, as you say. Despite having my hands in several things at
the moment, I don’t exactly compartmentalize my DKMU practice or materials so much as they
are the bedrock upon which the rest of my occult work rests upon. The DKMU is my spiritual
home in many respects, and represents a fundamental Basic, or Default mode which I use to
investigate the preternatural. There has been a lot of good work done over the years which has
expanded the Current, but the DKMU has stayed true to its founding energetic roots, all things
considered. Those roots go deeper than we can measure. If this were not the case, then it
wouldn’t be the DKMU, and this would be an interview about a different group.

The Then and the Now

Q: If you were to make a timeline of notable events for the whole of the DKMU, what would it
look like from inception to now? (I know this might be a complicated one but broad strokes are
absolutely fine.)

A: I’m currently working on a timeline of major DKMU events for another book, but haven’t
gotten very far yet, so this is probably the most difficult question so far. I can say that the MU
was founded in 2003-2004, and released “Ellis: The Assault on Reality.” The DK was founded in
2007, and the Chelsea Working was performed on July 17th 2007. The DKMU as a collective
banner occurred in 2008-2009. Occultus Conturbo was released in 2007-2008. “The Assault on
Reality: A Field Manual for the Strange Psyche” was released at the end of 2008. The First NJ
Way-House was announced and opened in 2009. The largest meet so far occurred in 2011 in
Pennsylvania. Around 15+ people attended from various US states, with one attendant flying in
from England. The A.A.O. House was founded at the end of 2011, with Liber Sigillum being
released in 2012. A second edition was released in 2016. Various other meets occurred down
the line in various locations across the world, but primarily in the US. The first two volumes of
“Liber LS” plus “the DKMU Egregores” manual were released in 2016. The last East Coast
Branch meet occurred in October, 2022. I’m currently working out the dates for various meets,
and other notable instances.

Q: If I’m reading the timeline right the group was around for years before the first volumes of
Liber LS and the Manual were published and years more til this current volume. Is it a matter of
the time required to have fully tested and explored material?

A: The First Wheel Godforms/Egregores were explored for several years before a compendium
was officially released. There are numerous stories that have added up regarding the nature of
the classic DKMU Godforms. It’s a lot like going fishing: we can cast out a conceptual lure, and
either the right kind of fish gets hooked, or it doesn’t. Intensive ceremony utilized for
investigating archetypes is required. It’s not just a matter of inventing something on paper.

Q: Where does the DKMU stand today? If some aspiring magus was interested where would they find you?

A: The DKMU continues to maintain a presence, like a beacon for the weird and estranged, and
various projects are currently underway. Myself and several others are currently working on
Liber LS Volume 3, expected to be finished sometime this year (2023.). Experiments regarding
the Second Wheel Godforms will soon pick up steam, and any occultist or Chaos Mage is
welcome to join us in the experimentations to find out what these archetypes are really all about.
As to this, I will advise: allow the information to come to you, instead of forcing your own idea
upon the archetype. I’m also working on a memoir of crazy times in the 156/663 Current called
“The Book of the Combined One: A Journey of Magick & Madness.” The best way to keep up
with the progress of any of these projects is by joining the DKMU Facebook group and/or the
Discord. Check out DKMU.ORG for more info.

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