In this weeks episode, we decide to do what’s funny for us; Mostly being Dragonpilled and making jokes just for us. But, we also discuss a few ideas that go unexamined in the occult and the value of turning them on their heads. In the news segment, we talk Trump not getting arrested, which we then have to update days later, Ron “The Meatball” Desantis being a loser, and the best way for politicians to fall down stairs before a serious discussion on subliminal messaging in art and the possible Op of traps found in “Cop City”. Then we end it all with a trip through the strange world of Creepypasta occult rituals. All that and more breaking news from the future because we took too long to get this episode out in the first place! Join us, before we have to update it again!

(Divided into two parts here on the site because our file uploader was being difficult.)





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