A mammoth of an episode this week, because it’s the 23rd episode AND we are joined by our friend T.S. Brookhouse! We talk the many many many ways writing and magic intermingle, bang out the fast food news of Grimace and Trump before Brookhouse takes us down the horrifying and fascinating conspiracy of #Britneyisnotfree which somehow manages to tie in Deep fakes, AI generated content, human exploitation and the power of parasocial relationships and group think, with a brief addendum that further cements the ongoing meme magick of CMN talking about celebrities. In return, we infect Brookhouse with that old standard that is the 23 Phenomenon and talk a little about its history and our experiences and theories about it. All that while trying not to go on tangents that completely distracted us all! “Wait, we talking about something else…” All that and more this week, so join us or be replaced by an Chatbot!

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