This week on the pod *Airhorn* we have more *Airhorn* actual occult news!*Airhorn Airhorn* But first, Kennedy recounts a weird day he had of having to explain himself to non-spooky people, and we muse on what “being in the broom closet” is even about. Then in the news, we talk about the Republican non-debate, why the Proud Boys are getting double digit sentences, Kyle Rittenhouse getting sued, Burning Man being a disaster, more Niger Coup news and Disney trying to squeeze the cable companies for lunch money. Finally, we talk the real occult news, notable occultist Georgia Van Raatle recanting her allegations of sexual assault against Sef Salem from 5 years ago and the horrifying twists and turns of envy, manipulation and lies that rocked the occult community. And we talk about who might not enjoy us covering this. So join us you get hit with the airhorn again!

Georgia Van Raatle, A Statement:

Loki’s Gazette; This Story:

Marco Visconti, A Bullet Point List of Truths and Falsehoods:









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