This week we have one question for you; Did you say Based? We have our friend Garrycreates on to learn them a thing or two about magick. But first, we do a follow up and clarification on our IOT story from two episodes ago where we explain what Diddle means. Then we talk aesthetics in magic from how to cultivate one for magick purposes to what’s the most cringe magical clothing item. We go onto the news which has such hits as Cocaine disguised as Mexican aliens, what musical to get frisky at with Lauren Boebert, Russell Brand being a shill and the accusations against him, and whether Star link should be in the hands of crazy millionaire who might just shut it off whenever he wants. Finally, we end it by trying to read some beginner articles to see if they help Garry. Spoilers; They do not. All that and more(especially if you want to give us $5), so join us or we’ll start saying Diddle again!



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