In this week’s episode Kennedy is trying to bring innovation and novelty to the pod and Cohost is not having ANY of it. After avoiding a tangent and talking about the great experiences we’ve had with Ganesha Chaturthi and how devotional works can be beneficial, we get into the news; Politicians playing chicken with government shut downs(then getting mad when people stop it from happening), why you shouldn’t feel bad for Diane Feinstein, the Pentagon thinking aliens are demons and how you leave evidence of the over two decade old murder of Tupac. We then roll out our new segment “The Fringe and the Cringe”, where this time we rate and discuss some wild and out there alternative histories; The Tartarian Empire! Phantom Time! Vedic Creationism! All this and more attempts to ruin the format you have grown to love, this week! So join us or get buried in the MUD FLOOD!









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